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"I had no death to fear, nor wealth to boast,
"Beyond the wandering freedom which I lost;
"At length a fisher's humble boat by night
"Afforded hope, and offer'd chance of flight;
"I seized the hour, and find my safety here—680
"With thee—most mighty Pacha! who can fear?"

"How speed the outlaws? stand they well prepared,
"Their plundered wealth, and robber's rock, to guard?
"Dream they of this our preparation, doom'd
"To view with fire their scorpion nest consumed?"

"Pacha! the fettered captive's mourning eye,
"That weeps for flight, but ill can play the spy;
"I only heard the reckless waters roar,
"Those waves that would not bear me from the shore;
"I only marked the glorious sun and sky,690
"Too bright—too blue—for my captivity;
"And felt—that all which Freedom's bosom cheers
"Must break my chain before it dried my tears.
"This may'st thou judge, at least, from my escape,
"They little deem of aught in peril's shape;