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"Much hath been done—but more remains to do—
"Their galleys blaze—why not their city too?"800


Quick at the word—they seized him each a torch,
And fire the dome from minaret to porch.
A stern delight was fixed in Conrad's eye,
But sudden sunk—for on his ear the cry
Of women struck, and like a deadly knell
Knocked at that heart unmoved by Battle's yell.
"Oh! burst the Haram—wrong not on your lives
"One female form—remember—we have wives.
"On them such outrage Vengeance will repay;
"Man is our foe, and such 'tis ours to slay:810
"But still we spared—must spare the weaker prey.
"Oh! I forgot—but Heaven will not forgive
"If at my word the helpless cease to live;
"Follow who will—I go—we yet have time
"Our souls to lighten of at least a crime."
He climbs the crackling stair—he bursts the door,
Nor feels his feet glow scorching with the floor;
His breath choked gasping with the volumed smoke,
But still from room to room his way he broke: