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"Yes—had I ever proved that passion's zeal,
"The change to hatred were at least to feel:
"But still—he goes unmourned—returns unsought—
"And oft when present—absent from my thought.
"Or when reflection comes—and come it must—
"I fear that henceforth 'twill but bring disgust;
"I am his slave—but, in despite of pride,
"'Twere worse than bondage to become his bride.
"Oh! that this dotage of his breast would cease!1130
"Or seek another and give mine release,
"But yesterday—I could have said, to peace!
"Yes, if unwonted fondness now I feign,
"Remember—captive! 'tis to break thy chain;
"Repay the life that to thy hand I owe;
"To give thee back to all endear'd below,
"Who share such love as I can never know.
"Farewell—morn breaks—and I must now away:
"'Twill cost me dear—but dread no death to-day!"


She pressed his fettered fingers to her heart,1140
And bowed her head, and turned her to depart,