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He thought on her afar, his lonely bride—
He turned and saw—Gulnare, the homicide!1630


She watch'd his features till she could not bear
Their freezing aspect and averted air,
And that strange fierceness foreign to her eye.
Fell quench'd in tears, too late to shed or dry.
She knelt beside him and his hand she prest,
"Thou may'st forgive though Alla's self detest;
"But for that deed of darkness what wert thou?
"Reproach me—but not yet—Oh! spare me now!
"I am not what I seem—this fearful night
"My brain bewilder'd—do not madden quite!1640
"If I had never loved—though less my guilt,
"Thou hadst not lived to—hate me—if thou wilt."


She wrongs his thoughts, they more himself upbraid
Than her, though undesign'd, the wretch he made;
But speechless all, deep, dark, and unexprest,
They bleed within that silent cell—his breast.