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provided the German makers can obtain sufficient supplies of other material such as steel tubing, saddle leather, etc. The rate of exchange is against Germany at present and likely to be for some years, so that it is almost useless to make any comparisons that are likely to be of value.

Touring on the Continent. It is the ambition of almost all cyclists to make one cycling journey to the Continent. The change of scene, customs, dress, and language alone repay the rider for any inconvenience that may be experienced, without counting the old world towns and cities that may be visited in France, Belgium, and Holland, to name the three countries most easy of access from our shores. The Cyclists' Touring Club, Euston Road, London, N.W., work in conjunction with similar associations in the countries named and advise members as to routes, hotels, customs duties, and other particulars necessary to know before undertaking a Continental tour.