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There is a great temptation in factories where machines of this description are made to cut the wages of the workers to secure contracts, and altogether it is rather a sordid sort of business without much to live for except, perhaps, cutting out a competitor by fair means or otherwise.

On the other side of the picture there is much that appeals to one in a factory of the best class, where the

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Fig. 21
The ‘Triumph” resilient front fork, in which the fork blades are arranged to provide a certain degree of elasticity
Fig. 22
In this type of “Triumph” bottom bracket the centres of the two shafts, pedal axle and rear hub, are increased or decreased to adjust the tension of the driving chain

directors or owners have a pride in putting their trade mark on every machine that leaves the works. The staff and workers have, I feel sure, from personal experience an increased interest in their daily task, quick to resent any slur cast on the productions with which they are so closely allied. In most of the best factories I have had practical experience that this state of affairs exists, despite what may be written and said about the extremist views, commonly called Bolshevism.

In a large factory the organization of a cycle producing staff is as complicated and efficient as in any other branch