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generator portions to be divided, because it was found that heavy lamps of the self-contained pattern broke the lamp brackets.

In addition to oil and gas lamps, candle-burning lamps have been tried, but were not popular on account of the poor illuminating power of a candle and the propensity they had to throw melted wax on to the lamp glass, thus obscuring the light.

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Fig. 24
The first of its kind to be used on cycles in England

Electric lamps for cycles and motor cycles are of three descriptions: (1) Those where the current is taken direct from a dry battery or accumulator; (2) where the current is derived from a generator which illuminates the lamp direct without the intervention of an accumulator; (3) the motor cycle type with generator or dynamo (a separate unit or combined with the magneto, and termed a magdynamo), which charges an accumulator and whence the current, so