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LONDON : PARKER STREET. KIN6SWAY, W.C^ BATH : Fbonetio Institate. MELBOURNE : The Rialto, Collina St NEW YORE : 2 West 45th St TORONTO : 70, Bond Street The prices contained in this Catalogae apply only to the British Isles, and are subject to alteration without notice. TERMS— Cash MUST be sent with the order, and kust include an approximate, amount fon ths POSTAGE. When a remittance is in excess of the sum required, the surplus will be returned. Sums under 6d. can be sent in stamps. For sums of 6d. and upwards Postal Orders or Money Orders are preferred to stamps, and should be crossed and made pay (Ale to Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. Remittances from abroad should be by means of International Money Orders in Foreizn Countries, and by British Postal Orders within the British Overseas Dominions. Colonial Postal Orders are not rugotiable in England. Foreign stamps cannot be accepted. ARITHMETIC FIRST STEPS IN COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. By Arthur E. Williams, M.A., B.Sc. In crora 8vo, limp cloth, 8o pp. . Net l/'6 THE ELEMENTS OF COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. By Thom.s Brown. In crown 8vo , cloth, 1 40 pp. Net 2/8 BUSINESS AR ITH METIC. Part L In crown 8vo, cloth, 120 pp. 1/6. Answers U~ BUSIN ESS ARITHMETIC. P art H. In crown 8vo, cloth, 144 pp. 1/9. Answers V- COMPLETE COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. Contains Parts I and II above mentioned. In crown 8vo, cloth, 264 pp. 3/-. Answers 1/8 SMAT.T.FTt COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC. By C. W. Crook, B.A., B.Sc. In crown 8vo, J cloth . . . 2/- net Answers Net 2/- PIRST STEPS IN WORKSHOP ARITHMETIC. By H. P. Green. In crown 8vo, li mp clo th, about So pp. . . ....... Net 1/8 COMPLETE MERCANTILE ARITUMETTIC. With Elementary Mensuration. By H. P. Green, F.C.Sp.T. In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, with Key, 646 pp. . Net 8k'- Complete book wiriout Key, 600 pp., 6'6 net. Key separately, 1/8 net. Also in threeparts. Part I, 300 pp., 4'- net. Part II, 208 pp., 2/8 net. Part III, 100 pp. /- net. THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF COMMERCIAL ARITHMETia By P. W. XoRRis, M.A., B.Sc. In demy 8vo, cloth, 452 pp Net 7/8 COUNTING HOUSE MATHEMATICS. By H. W. Porritt and W. Nicklin, A.S.A.A. In crown Svo, cloth, 120 pp. ........ Net if- ARITHMETIC AND BOOK-KEEPING. By Thos. Brown, F.S.S., and Vincent E. CoLLiNGE, A.C.I. S. In two parts. Each in crown Svo, cloth. Part i, 124 jpp, /6 net. Part 2, 115 pp Net 1/3 LOGARITHMS FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. By H. W. Porritt and W. Nicklin, A.S.A.A. In crown Svo, l imp c loth ....... Net 91. RAPID METHODS IN ARITHMETIC. By John Johnston. Revised and Edited by G. K. BucK.VALL, A.C.I. S. (Hons.). New and Enlarged Edition. In foolscap Svo, cloth, 96 pp. ; . . . .... Net 1/- EXERCISES ON RAPID BQTTHODS IN ARITHMETIC. By Jobn Johnston. In foo lscap Svo. cloth ......... Net 1/- METHOD IN ARITHME^C. A guide to the teaching of Arithmetic By G. R. Purdie, B.A. In crown Svo, cloth, 87 pp N«t t/8

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