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¶ The lure of the countryside, the thoughts of its people, the history of its ways, make an instant impression upon the tourist who revels in the beautiful scenery with which he is ever coming in contact

¶ But to derive to the full the enjoyment of a tour let your mount be the latest All-Chain Drive 4 h.-p. Triumph with Patent 3-Speed Gear and easy acting Shock Absorber—a revelation in transmission efficiency

Triumph Pedal Cycles — Ladies' and Gents' Models — known the world over for their excellence, are obtainable at prices ranging from £14 17s. 6d.

¶ Illustrated Cycle or Motor Cycle Catalogue sent post free on request

Triumph Cycle Co., Ltd., Coventry

London: 218, Great Portland Street, W.1

and at Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow

Agents Everywhere

The Cycle Industry (1921) p6.jpg