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The motor-car was exploited before the motor cycle in this country, and it was not until about 1899–1900 that cycle makers in the Midlands began to take an interest in the self-propelled machine. The earliest machines were petrol engined tricycles, and from that early commencement the lure of the motor cycle has gradually but surely drawn every important cycle maker to its charms until to-day no important firm is

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Fig. 20
A soundly-constructed machine made by an old-established concern

without a motor cycle department, and in many cases the motor cycle branch has become more important and larger than the making of purely pedal cycles.

The present conditions of the trade are possibly rosier than they have been for some time past. There is an urgent demand for good bicycles and the only drawbacks to a large output are the difficulties in securing regular supplies of the right materials, and the unsettled state of labour generally.

It is estimated that there are about 20,000 employees,