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I have done one braver thing
  Than all the worthies did;
And yet a braver thence doth spring,
  Which is to keep that hid.
                     The Undertaking.

"IS it officially declared yet?"

"They 've gone as far as to admit 'extreme local scarcity,' and they 've started relief-works in one or two districts, the paper says."

"That means it will be declared as soon as they can make sure of the men and the rolling-stock. 'Should n't wonder if it were as bad as the '78 Famine."

"Can't be," said Scott, turning a little in the long cane chair. "We 've had fifteen-anna crops in the north, and Bombay and Bengal report more than they know what to do with. They 'll be able to check it before it gets out of hand. It will only be local."

Martyn picked the "Pioneer" from the table, read through the telegrams once more, and put up his feet on the chair-rests. It was a hot, dark, breathless even-