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of a new world.

ἤδη καὶ οὐδένα νόον ἔχοντας ἐξηγησάμενον ὃι Ὠκεανόν τε ῥεόντα γράφουσι, πέριξ τήν τε γὴν ἐοῦσαν κυκλοτερέα ὡς ἀπὸ τόρνου.

"I cannot chooſe but laugh, (ſaith he) to ſee ſo many men venture to deſcribe the earths compaſſe, relating thoſe things that are without all ſenſe, as that the Sea flowes about the World, and that the earth it ſelfe is round as an Orbe." But this great ignorance is not ſo much to be admired in him, as in thoſe learneder men of later times, when all ſcicnces began to flouriſh in the World. Such was Saint Auſtin who cenſures that relation of the Antipodes to be an incredible fable[1], and with him agrees the eloquent Lactantius[2], quid illi qui eſſe contrarios'veſtigits noſiris Antipodes putant? num aliquid loquuntur? aut eſt quiſpiam tam ineptus, qui eredat eſſe homimes, quorum'veſtigia ſunt ſuperiora quam capita? aut ibi que apud nos jacent inver-

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