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The Mythological Picture

off. And whither do they carry them? Carry them! Some to good Fortune, and some, by mistaking their way, to Ruin, and the Gallows. In earnest, Sir, said I, if the Case stands thus, ’tis dangerous Drinking! You say well: And yet all these Women promise to direct them right, and to make them as Considerable and Happy as they would with. But the poor Wretches having taken a Glass too much with Imposture, are so muddy-headed, that they over-look their Advantage, and mistake their Ground, and ramble about at that senseless giddy rate as you see. And look you, continues he, how those Gypsies manage the People that came in first, and lead them whither they have a mind to. I perceive it, said I, but pray what blind distracted Woman is that which stands there upon a round Stone like a Globe? That's Fortune, replies my Instructer, who is not only Blind, but Mad, and Deaf into the bargain. And what may her Business be I beseech you? She ranges every where, says he, snatches away this Man's Circumstances, and gives them to another; and in a little while recalling her Liberalities, bestows them upon new Favourites, and all with great Arbitrariness, and Inconstancy. And therefore her Pedestal, and her Posture, is a good Em-