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Butter, from clouted cream, 352
to pot, ib.
to clarify, 87
to brown, 193
to melt, 192
parsley and, ib.
Cabbage, to boil, 214
red, to stew, ib.
to curry, ib.
à la Bourgeoise, ib.
lettuce, with forcemeat, 222
Cakes, to make, 270
common currant, 272, 273
rich plum, 272
very good, ib.
without butter, 273
rich seed, ib.
a rice, 274
harvest, ib.
temperance, ib.
sponge, ib.
Marlborough, ib.
gingerbread, ib.
parkin, 276
volatile, ib.
hunting, ib.
rough, ib.
rock, ib.
rusks, 277
maccaroons, 278
ratafia, ib.
jumbles, ib.
small plum, ib.
carraway, ib.
Shrewsbury, 279
shortbread, ib.
Derby short, ib.
cinnamon, ib.
rout, ib.
Queen, 280
buns, ib.
Sally Lunn's tea, 281
breakfast, ib.
Yorkshire, ib.
Roehampton rolls, 282
muffins, ib.
crumpets, ib.
Scotch slim, 283
Calf's head, to boil, 63
heart and pluck, 152
to dress, 154
to fricassee, 155
brains, ib.
mock turtle, 156
tails, to dress, 153
Catsup, mushroom, 329
walnut, 330
oyster, ib.
tomata, 331
lobster, ib.
Cardoons, to boil, 223
Carp, to stew, 125
Carrots, to boil, 219
Carving, directions for, 47
Cauliflower, to boil, 216
with parmesan, ib.
to stew, ib.
to fry, ib.
Caviare, mock, 185
Celery, to stew, 220
Cellar, observations relating to the, 332
Cheese, to make, 353
to toast, 187
Chicken, to broil, 85
to braise, 169
to fricassee, 170
curry of, 176
Chutney, beef or ham, 178
fish, ib.
Cider, to make, 336
cup, 346
Cocks, black, to roast, 78
Cod, to boil, 116
to fry, 117
head and shoulders, ib.
to bake, 118
sounds, ib.
cabeached, ib.
Colcannon, 212
Cow-heel, to boil, 66
Crab, to boil, 128
to eat hot, 129
to pot, ib.
Cray Fish, to boil, 128
to pot, 130
in jelly, ib.
Cream, clouted, to make 352
Crumbs, to fry 91