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Cucumbers, to stew, 220
to dress, 226
Curry, directions for making, 176
kebobbed, 177
of fish, 178
balls, 190
powder, 207
vegetables to, 214
Confectionary, to make, 283
custards, ib.
rich, to bake or boil, 284
lemon, ib.
orange, 285
Spanish, ib.
with apples, ib.
with rice, 286
trifle, a, ib.
gooseberry or apple, ib.
tipsy cake, ib.
crême patisserie, 287
cream, chocolate, ib.
a plain, ib.
Italian, 288
lemon, ib.
orange, ib.
ora"ge frothed, 289
alamode, ib.
velvet, ib.
vanilla, ib.
burnt, ib.
snow, ib.
currant and raspberry, ib.
strawberry, ib.
clouted, 291
ice, ib.
Paris curd, ib.
blancmange, 292
rice, ib.
with preserves, ib.
jaunemange, ib.
flummery, 293
Dutch, ib.
rice cups, ib.
syllabub, ib.
solid, ib.
whipt, ib.
jelly, calf's feet, ib.
punch, 295
savoury, ib.
orange and lemon, 295
arrow-root, 296
hartshorn, ib.
apple, ib.
isinglass, ib.
strawberry, 297
gâteau de pomme, ib.
bird's-nest, a, ib.
sponge, lemon and orange, ib.
souffle, a good, 298
rice, ib.
orange, ib.
lemon, ib.
omelet, 299
sweet, ib.
of apples, ib.
fool, gooseberry and apple, 300
orange, ib.
oranges, stewed, ib.
apples, red, in jelly, ib.
pears, to stew, ib.
apples, to bake, 301
cheesecakes, ib.
lemon, ib.
curd, 302
orange, ib.
apple, ib.
rice, ib.
Lent potatoes, ib.
plums, French, stewed, 303
Dairy, the, observations upon, 348
Devils, 185
Dory, John, to boil, 116
Duck, to truss and carve, 57
to boil, 65
to roast, 77
wild, to do., ib.
salmi, 175
to bake, 81
to dress with peas, 173
to ragout, 174
to hash, ib.
curry of, 177
Dumplings, apple, 249
yeast, 265
hard, ib.