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Pie, Spanish,
orange, ib.
lemon, ib.
mince, ib.
without meat, 244
a bride's, ib.
Pig, sucking, to roast, 71
to bake, 81
harslet, to fry, 90
to roast, ib.
to collar, 165
head, to roast, ib.
feet and ears, soused, 166
to fricassee, ib.
Pigeons, to roast, 78
to broil, 85
to braise, 169
Pike or jack, to boil, 125
to bake, ib.
Pillau, a, 179
Pipers, to dress, 128
Plate, to clean, 21
Plaice, to fry, 123
Plovers, to roast, 78
Potatoes, to boil, 211
to fry, broil, or stew, 212
to mash, ib.
to roast, ib.
pie, 213
balls, ib.
ragout, ib.
à la maître d'hotel, ib.
a border of, 181
Pork, to joint, 46
to boil, 63
petit-toes, to cook, 64
to salt, 28
to roast, 74
griskin, to ditto, 75
to bake, 81
chops, to broil, 85
bladebone of, ib.
chops, to fry, 88
with onions, 165
to roll, ib.
corned, with peas, 166
Porter, cup, 345
Poor, the, cooking for, 382
Poultry, seasons for, 31
to truss and carve, 54, 55, 56, 57
to boil, 64
to roast, 75
to broil, 85
to dress, 169
Powder, curry, 207
savoury, ib.
horse-radish, 209
pea, ib.
mushroom, ib.
anchovy, ib.
Prawns, to pot, 130
to butter, ib.
in jelly, ib.
Preserves, to make, 303
sugar, to clarify, 304
jelly, currant, ib.
apple, 307
quince, 308
jam, currant, 305
raspberry, ib.
strawberry, ib.
gooseberry, ib.
green, ib.
damson, ib.
rhubarb, ib.
butter, black, 306
fruit, for puddings, ib.
for winter use, ib.
to bottle, ib.
damsons for tarts, 307
marmalade, apple, ib.
orange, 312
quince, 308
cheese, damson, 309
apricot, ib.
orange, ib.
pine apple, ib.
cucumber, 310
strawberries, ib.
raspberries, ib.
strawberries in wine, 311
gooseberries, whole, ib.
morella cherries, ib.
in brandy, 316
cherries en chemise, 311
in syrup, ib.
to dry, 312
apricots to dry, ib.
to preserve, 314
orange chips, 312
to preserve, 313