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In consequence, and as the zeal and sagacity hy which thou art characterized, as likewise the experience and knowledge which thou hast acquired in the affairs of Egypt during the long space of time that thou hast held the post of Governor of Egypt, give reason to believe that thou hast acquired a title to the favour and to the confidence which I may grant to thee^ that is to say, that thou wilt he sensible of their full extent, and all the gratitude which thou shouldst have for them, that thou wilt apply thyself to cause these feelings to descend to thy sons and thy nephews, Grant of the Government hereditarilyI grant unto thee the Government of Egypt within its ancient Grant of boundaries, such as they are to be found in the map which is sent unto thee by my Grand Vizier now in office, with a seal affixed to it, together with the additional privilege of hereditary succession, and with the following conditions : —

The order of SuccessionHenceforth, when the post shall be vacant, the Government of The order Egypt shall descend in a direct line, from the elder to the elder, in the male race among the sons and grandsons. As regards their nomination, that shall be made by my Sublime Forte.

No succession through femalesIf at any time fate should decide that the male line should become extinct, as in that case it will devolve upon my Sublime Porte to confer the Government of Egypt on another person, the females male children, issue of the daughters of the Governors of Egypt, shall possess no right to, no legal capacity for, the succession of the Government.

Precedency of PashasAlthough the Pashas of Egypt have obtained the privilege of hereditary succession, they still must be considered as far as precedency is concerned, to be on a footing of equality with the other Viziers, they shall be treated like the other Viziers of my Sublime Forte, and they shall receive the same titles as are given to the other Viziers when they are written to.

Ottoman law to prevail in EgyptThe principles founded on the laws of security of life, of the Ottoman security of property, and the preservation of honour, principles recorded in the salutary ordinances of my Hatti Sheriff of Gulhaué[1]; and all the regulations made and to be made by my Sublime Porte shall also he put in practice in Egypt, reconciting them in the best way possible with the local circumstances
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