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who is decorated with the Orders of the Medjidié and Osmanié of the First Class in Diamonds. May God perpetuate his glory and increase his power and prosperity.

(After epithets applied to all Pashas holding the rank of Vizier:)

Be it known on the arrival of this my Imperial Firman, that, as is also mentioned in my Firman granting the privilege of hereditary succession to the Viceroyalty (Kidiviet) of Egypt, those fundamental laws which are in force in other parts of my dominions shall be maintained and respected in Egypt. Now by fundamental laws are meant all those principles laid down in the Imperial Rescript of Gulhaneh[1]. The Khedive may make laws for the interior But, inasmuch as the internal administration of the province, and consequently its financial, material, and other ititerests are confided to the Government of Egypt, in order to preserve and extend those interests, it is permitted to that Government to frame such regulations as may seem necessary in the form of 'special Tanzimat for the Interior.' In like manner, and non-political conventions.whilst all the Treaties of the Sublime Porte must be respected in Egypt, an exception is made only as regards the customs duties, and as regards foreigners in matters relating to the police, postal, and transit services, for which full powers are given to thee to enter into special arrangements with foreign agents. But such arrangements must not take the form of Treaties or Conventions having any political signification or purport. And in the event of their being inconsistent with the principles laid down above, or opposed to my original sovereign rights, it will be necessary to hold them as null and void.

Wherefore the question of conformity or non-conformity to these principles in matters where a doubt exists as regards Egypt must be referred to my Sublime Porte previously to such arrangements being concluded.

Customs conventions to be transmitted to the Porte. And when in the manner explained above any special arrangements are entered into concerning the customs duties in Egypt, information thereof must be transmitted to my Sublime Porte.

Egypt will be consulted on Commercial Treaties. Also, when any Conference respecting Commercial Treaties takes place between my Government and other Powers, in order that the commercial interests of Egypt may be attended to, the opinions of the Egyptian Administration shall be consulted thereon.

  1. Of 3rd November, 1839; q.v. Appendix I.