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shall prepare, taking the conclusions of the Superior Commission of Inquiry as their point of departure, and without modifying the conditions of the Domains Loan, a draft of a law regulating the relations of the Government and of the Daïras Sanieh and Kassa with their creditors, and determining the conditions and formalities with which the liquidation of the non-consolidated debt shall he carried out.

Art. II. The Commission shall determine as to the resources which can be placed at the disposal of the creditors of the consolidated or non-consolidated debts, but they must in the first place, with the assent of the Council of Ministers and of the Controllers, keep in view the necessity of reserving to the Government the free disposal of the amount indispensable for securing the regular working of the public services. With this object the Budget of the year during which they will exercise their functions will he communicated to them, as well as those of the previous years which may he necessary to their forming a correct estimate of the needs of the Egyptian Treasury.

Art. III. The Controllers-General shall furnish the Commission at its request with additional documents and explanations of a nature to assist them in the fulfilment of their task. They shall transmit through them, either to ourselves or to our Ministers, the observations which they may wish to communicate to the Government.

Art. IV. The Commission will have the right of superintending conjointly with the Controllers-General the carrying out of the provisions laid down by them, and the duration of their powers, after the publication of the Decree of Liquidation, can be prolonged for this purpose, during a period not exceeding three months. At the expiration of that period the Commission shall, in any case, be legally dissolved.

Art. V. The law drawn up by the Commission shall receive our sanction and be published by us. From the time of its publication this law shall be obligatory and without appeal, the Eegulations of Judicial Organization and Codes of the Reform notwithstanding.

Art. VI. This Commission shall be nominated by Decree. It shall he composed of two Commissioners appointed by each of the Governments of France and Great Britain, and of one