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ment, according to the awards made by the International Indemnity Commission.

The indemnities shall be paid in full, and without arrears of interest.

Art. XI. The surplus of the loan shall be paid over to the Egyptian Government, as that Government may require it.

Art. XII. Any unemployed balance remaining over from the loan shall be applied to the purchase of securities, which shall be cancelled, under the conditions stated in Article V.

Art. XIII. The Treasury of the Public Debt shall, at the end of every half-year, address a Report to the Egyptian Government, showing the manner in which the proceeds of the loan have been employed, according to vouchers produced by the Egyptian Government. This Report shall be published in the 'Journal Officiel.'

Art. XIV. The present Convention shall he ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged in London as soon as possible.

In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and have affixed to it the seal of their arms.

Signed at London, on the[1]

Annex 2. Draft Decree.

We, the Khedive of Egypt,

With reference to the Law of Liquidation of the 17th July, 1880[2].

With reference to the Convention dated [3] containing the assent of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan to the issue of a loan of 9,000,000l.,

Whereas Germany, Austria-Hungary, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Russia have declared that they accept the present Law, and that they have engaged to bring it collectively to the cognizance of the other Powers who took part in the es-

  1. The Convention was signed on 18th March, 1885, by the Plenipotentiaries of all the Powers except Turkey. The signature of the Turkish Plenipotentiary was added on 30th March.
  2. Supra, p, 169.
  3. Signed on behalf of Turkey on 30th, on behalf of the other Powers on 18th March, 1885; Russia restricting her liability to one-sixth.