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efforts for the maintenance of the re-establishment of tranquillity on the coast of Syria.

Art. 5. The High Parties, convinced that such a period will be sufficient to attain the object of pacification which they have in view, fix at six months the duration of the occupation of the European troops in Syria.

Art. 6. The Sublime Porte undertakes to facilitate, as far as lies in her power, the furnishing supplies and provisions for the expeditionary corps.

It is understood that the six preceding Articles will be embodied verbatim into a Convention, which will receive the signatures of the undersigned Representatives as soon as they are furnished with full powers from their Sovereigns, but that the stipulations of this Protocol will immediately come into force.

The Chargé d'Affaires of Prussia, however, points out that the present distribution of the Prussian ships of war will not permit his Government to co-operate at present in the execution of Article 4.

Protocol (2) of 3rd August.

The Plenipotentiaries of, &c., desirous of establishing, in conformity with the intentions of their respective Courts, the true character of the assistance afforded to the Sublime Porte by the provisions of the Protocol signed this day, the feelings which have dictated the clauses of this Act and their perfect disinterestedness, declare in the most formal manner that the Contracting Powers do not intend Self-denying Clause. to seek for and will not seek for, in the execution of their engagements, any territorial advantages, any exclusive influence, or any concession with regard to the commerce of their subjects, such as could not be granted to the subjects of all other nations.

Reference to Art. 9 of Treaty of Paris.

Nevertheless they cannot refrain, in recalling here the acts issued by the Sultan, the great importance of which was established by Article IX of the Treaty of March 30, 1856[1], from expressing the value which their respective Courts attach to the fulfilment of the solemn promises of the Porte that serious administrative measures should be taken to ameliorate the condition of the Christian population of every sect in the Ottoman Empire.

The Plenipotentiary of the Sublime Porte takes note of this declaration of the Representatives of the High Contracting Powers, and undertakes to transmit it to his Court, pointing

  1. I. e. in particular, the Hatti-Humayoun of 18th February 1856, q. v. Appendix, No. I.