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Annexation to Moldavia. Art. XXI. The territory ceded by Russia shall be annexed to the Principality of Moldavia under the suzerainty of the Sublime Porte[1].

The inhabitants of that territory shall enjoy the rights and privileges secured to the Principalities; and, during the space of three years, they shall be permitted to transfer their domicile elsewhere, disposing freely of their property.

Wallachia and Moldavia, 22−27[2].

Collective guarantee. Art. XXII. The Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia shall continue to enjoy under the suzerainty of the Porte, and under the guarantee of the Contracting Powers, the privileges and immunities of which they are in possession. No exclusive protection shall be exercised over them by any of the Guaranteeing Powers. There shall he no separate right of interference in their internal affairs.

Privileges. Art. XXIII. The Sublime Porte engages to preserve to said Principalities an independent and national administration, as well as full liberty of worship, of legislation, of commerce, and of navigation.

The laws and statutes at present in force shall be revised. In order to establish a complete agreement in regard to such revision, a Special Commission, as to the composition of which the High Contracting Powers will come to an understanding among themselves, shall assemble, without delay, at Bucharest, together with a Commissioner of the Sublime Porte.

The business of this Commission shall be to investigate the present state of the Principalities, and to propose bases for their future organization.

Divans. Art. XXIV. His Majesty the Sultan promises to convoke immediately in each of the two Provinces a Divan ad hoc, composed in such a manner as to represent most closely the interests of all

  1. by the mid-channel of the Kilia branch and the Stary-Stamboul mouth, is restored to Russia. By Art. 46 the Delta of the Danube and the Isle of Serpents are added to Roumania.

  2. By the Treaty of Berlin this territory became the property of Roumania, and by Art. 45 is restored by it to Russia.
  3. Cf. supra, p. 233, Arts. 43−51 of the Treaty of Berlin.