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families of the signatories to the Treaty of 1837; that the land boundaries of the new state should be somewhat withdrawn from the frontier as defined by the Protocol of 22nd March, 1829; The final list of islands.that certain islands should belong to Greece[1].

The second Protocol decides that Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg should be requested to become Sovereign Prince of Greece.

Religious Equality.The third Protocol provides for religious equality, and the continued enjoyment by the Catholic religion of certain privileges in the new State[2].

Prince Leopold.The Prince accepted on 11th February; but, the Conference having declined, on 20th February[3], to enlarge the continental boundaries of the new Principality, or to stipulate for the good treatment of Cahdia and Samos, withdrew his acceptance in letters dated 15th and 21st May[4].

The Protocol of 26th Sept. 1831.A Protocol of 26th September, 1831[5], decided to vary the frontier again, so as to follow the line proposed on 22nd March, 1829.

Prince Otho to be a King.On 13th February, 1832, the Conference agreed to offer the throne to Otho[6], second son of the King of Bavaria, and a Protocol of 26th April accedes to the wish of the King of Bavaria that the Sovereign of Greece should assume the title of King[7].

The Convention of 7th May, 1832.At a sitting of the Conference on 7th May, 1832, a Convention constituting the new kingdom was signed by the representatives of the three Powers, and by the representatives of the King of Bavaria sub spe rati[8]. At a sitting of the 30th June the ratifications were exchanged, and a note on the
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