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It is agreed that:—

1. With respect to boundary; on the eastern side, the extreme point of separation of the two States shall be fixed at the mouth of the little river which flows near the village of Gradiza: the frontier line shall ascend this river to its source, shall thence reach the chain of Mount Othryx, leaving to Greece the passage of Klomo, provided the crest of that chain be not passed: thence it shall follow, in a westerly direction, the crest of the same chain along the whole extent thereof, and especially the peak of Varibovo, in order to attain the height which, under the denomination of Veluchi, forms the point of connexion of the three great chains of mountains of the country. From this height the line shall continue, adapting itself as much as possible to the salient features of the country, across the valley of the Aspropotamos to the Gulf of Arta, terminating at that gulf between Coprina and Menidi, in such manner, as that in any case, the bridge of Tartarina, the defile and the tower of Macrinoros, shall be comprised within the limits of Greece, and that the bridge of Coracos, and the salt springs of Coprina, shall be left to the Ottoman Porte. Thus, the shore of the Gulf of Arta to the north and west of the point where the boundary line meets its waters, will be retained by the Ottoman Empire, and the shore of this gulf to the south and west of the line is assigned to the state of Greece, with the exception of the fort of Punta, which will continue to belong to the Porte, with a radius of territory which shall not be less than half an hour, nor more than an hour.

Alternative as to Zeitoun.Nevertheless, as the Representatives, full of deference for the wish which has been expressed in the name of His Highness, relative to the portion of the district of Zeitoun, situate to the left of the Sperchius, having agreed that reference should be made on the subject to the Conference of London, upon the express condition that the decision and execution of the measures consequent thereupon, should not be retarded thereby; it has become necessary to provide for the possible contingency of that portion of the territory of Zeitoun remaining to the Ottoman Empire.

The boundary line to the east will in that case commence at the mouth of the river Sperchius, and will run up its left bank to the point of contact of the districts of Zeitoun and of Patradjik ; thence it will reach to the summit of the chain of the Othryx, following the common boundary of those two districts, and the most direct line in the event of that common boundary not attaining the summit of the chain of the Othryx.