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the brook of Ichtiman Dere, passes between Bogdina and Karaúla, so as to rejoin the line of the watershed separating the basins of the Isker and the Marica, between Camurli and Hadzilar, follows that line by the summits of Velina Mogila, the 'col' 531, Zmailica Vrh, Sumnatica, and rejoins the administrative boundary of the Sandjak of Sofia between Sivri Tas and Cadir Tepe.

The frontier of Roumelia leaves that of Bulgaria at Mount Cadir Tepe, following the line of the watershed between the basins of the Marica and of its affluents on one side, and of the Mesta Karasu and of its affluents on the other, and takes the direction south-east and then south along the crest of the Despoto Dagh Mountains, towards Mount Kruschowa (whence starts the frontier line of the Treaty of San Stefano).

From Mount Kruschowa the frontier is the same as the line laid down by the Treaty of San Stefano, that is to say, the chain of the Black Balkans (Kara Balkan), the mountains Kulaghy-Dagh, Eschek-Tschepellü, Karakolas, and Ischiklar, from whence it descends due south-east till it reaches the River Arda, and follows the mid-channel of this river up to a point close to the village of Adacali, which remains to Turkey.

From this point the frontier line ascends the crest of the Bestepe-Dagh, which it follows, then descends and crosses the Maritza, at a point situated 5 kilom. above the bridge of Mustafa Pasha: thence it takes a northerly direction by the line of the watershed between Demirhanli Dere and the small affluents of the Maritza to Küdeler Baïr, whence it runs east to Sakar Baïr; from this point it crosses the valley of the Tundza in the direction of Büjük Derbend, which is left to the north, as also is Soudzak. From Büjük Derbend it regains the line of the watershed between the affluents of the Tunzda on the north and those of the Maritza on the south, up to the

level of Kaibílar, which is included in Eastern Roumelia, and passes to the south of V. Almali between the basin of the Maritza to the south and the various streams which flow straight into the Black Sea, between the villages of Belevrin and Alatli; it follows to the north of Karanlik the crests of Vosna and Zuvak, the line which separates the waters of the