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Starting at Ilino-brdo to the north of Klobuk, the line descends to the Trebinjcica towards Grancarevo, which remains to Herzegovina, then ascends the course of that river up to a point 1 kilom. below its confluence with the Cepelica, and from thence passes by the most direct line on to the heights which border the River Trebinjcica. It then proceeds in the direction of Pilatova, leaving that village to Montenegro, and continues along the heights in a northerly direction, maintaining as far as possible a distance of 6 kilom, from the Bilek-Korito-Gacko road, up to the 'col' between the Somina Planina and Mount Curilo, whence it proceeds in an easterly direction by Vratkovici, leaving this village to Herzegovina, up to Mount Orline. Starting from this point the frontier, leaving Ravno to Montenegro, goes straight to the north-north-east, crossing the summits of the Lebersnik and of the Volujak, then descends by the shortest line on to the River Piva, which it crosses, and rejoins the river Tara, passing between Crkvica and Nedvina. From this point it ascends the Tara to Mojkovac, from which place it passes along the crest of the ridge as far as Siskojezero. Leaving this point, it coincides with the former frontier as far as the village of Sekulare. From there the new frontier passes along the crests of the Mokra Planina, the village of Mokra remaining to Montenegro; it then reaches the point 2166 on the Austrian Staff Map, following the principal chain and the line of the watershed between the Lim on the one side, and the Drin as well as the Cievna (Zem) on the other.

It then coincides with the existing boundaries between the tribe of the Kuci-Drekalovici on one side, and the Kucka-Krajna, as well as the tribes of the Klementi and Grudi, on the other, to the plain of Podgorica, from whence it proceeds towards Plavnica, leaving the Klementi, Grudi, and Hoti tribes to Albania.

Thence the new frontier crosses the lake near the Islet of Gorica-Topal, and, from Gorica-Topal, takes a straight line to the top of the crest, whence it follows the watershed between Megured and Kalimed, leaving Mrkovic to Montenegro, and reaching the Adriatic at V. Kruci.

On the north-west the frontier will be formed by a line