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Settlement of the Greek question.those of the Sublime Porte, having brought to a close the Conferences which they have held for the purpose of effecting the definitive settlement of the boundary of Greece, as above described, declare that, considering the arrangements recorded by common agreement in the present instrument, the object of the Treaty of London of the 6th of July, 1827, and of the Protocols, under different dates, which relate thereto, is completely attained; that the prolonged negotiations, to which those stipulations have given rise, are determined in such a manner as never to be renewed; in fact, that the Greek question is irrevocably settled.

The formal confirmation of the present final arrangement, by the three august Courts, shall be transmitted to the Sublime Porte within the period of four months, dating from this day; and that confirmation shall have, with respect to this Act, all the force of a ratification.
Done at Constantinople, the July, 1832 (the 23rd of the month Safer, 1248 of the Hegira).

The Protocol of 30th Aug. 1832.The questions left open by the 'Arrangement' were settled, and the arrangement itself was formally confirmed, by the following Protocol, of 30th August, 1832, which also rejects as inadmissible certain demands made by the Turks[1]:—

The Plenipotentiaries of the three Courts, having met in Conference, examined, with the most serious attention, the annexed arrangement (A), concluded on the 21st of July of the present year, at Constantinople, between the Representatives of the Courts of France, of Great Britain, and of Russia, on the one hand, and the Ottoman Porte on the other, for the definitive settlement of the continental limits of Greece.
After this examination, the Plenipotentiaries of the three Courts, without prejudice to the direct sanction which the three Courts themselves might give to the arrangement above-mentioned, acknowledged that it completely answered the instructions with which the Representatives of France, Great Britain, and Russia had been furnished, in the month of September, 1831; and proceeded to the exercise of the power vested in the Conference of London, to choose between
  1. Prot. No. 52.