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Declaration handed in by the Turkish Ambassador, on 30th March, 1885, after signing the Declaration of the 17th and the Convention of the 18th of that month[2].

1. It is understood that an Ottoman official, nominated by the Sublime Porte, will have a seat on the Commission of the Treasury of the Egyptian Debt as representative of the Sovereign Power, in order that he may be kept informed of the state of the finances of Egypt[3].

2. The Sublime Porte maintains its reservations respecting Lord Granville’s despatch of the 3rd of January, 1883, and understands that an insertion will be made in the Conventional Act of the International Commission assembled in Paris for the settlement of the Suez Canal, to the effect that the Government of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan shall have full right to take the necessary measures for the defence of Egypt, whether against a belligerent State, or in Egypt itself in case of internal disorders.

Supplementary declaration forwarded by the Ambassador to the Foreign Office on the 2nd April, 1885.

1. The service of the new loan, as well as that of the Preference and Unified Debts of Egypt, as specified, shall not in any manner delay the payment of the tribute.

2. The mention of the Tribunals of the Reform in the Declaration does not involve the indefinite prolongation of those tribunals.

3. The Government of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan reserves its judgment in the event of the institution of the Commission of Inquiry, provided for in the XIIth Article of the Khedivial Decree[4]; and

4. The eventual nomination of the members of the Commission and of the Revising Committees by the Consul cannot be regarded as a foreign interference.

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