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Peace.been conveyed to the knowledge of the parties interested, peace shall he considered as established ipso facto between the Ottoman Empire and Greece; and the subjects of the two States shall be reciprocally treated, in regard to the rights of commerce and navigation, as those of other States at peace with the Ottoman Empire and Greece[1].

§ 5. Acts of full and entire amnesty shall be immediately published by the Ottoman Porte and by the Greek Government.

The Act of amnesty of the Forte shall proclaim, that no Greek in the whole extent of its dominions shall be liable to be deprived of his property, or in any way disturbed, in consequence of the part which he may have taken in the insurrection of Greece.

The Act of amnesty of the Greek Government shall proclaim the same principle in favour of all the Mussulmans or Christians who may have taken part against its cause; and it shall further be understood and promulgated, that the Mussulmans who may be desirous of continuing to inhabit the territories and islands allotted to Greece, shall preserve their properties therein, and invariably enjoy there, with their families, perfect security.

Removals.§ 6. The Ottoman Porte shall grant to those of its Greek subjects who may be desirous of quitting the Turkish territory, a delay of a year, in order to sell their properties and to depart freely from the country.

The Greek Government shall allow the same power to the inhabitants of Greece who may wish to transport themselves to the Turkish territory.

Evacuation.§ 7. All the military and naval forces of Greece shall evacuate the territories, fortresses, and islands which they occupy beyond the line assigned in the second section for the limits of Greece, and shall withdraw behind that line with the least possible delay.

All the Turkish military and naval forces which occupy territories, fortresses, or islands comprized within the limits above mentioned, shall evacuate those islands, fortresses, and territories; and shall, in like manner, retire behind the same limits with the least possible delay.

  1. An armistice was accordingly proclaimed by the Greeks on 1 6th April, and the Protocol was accepted by the Porte on 24th April. See Annexes C and F to Protocol No. 29.