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No. IV[1].

1833, 30th AprilAn Article explanatory of, and supplementary to, Article VIII of the Convention signed at London, the 7th of May, 1832, between the Courts of Great Britain, Bavaria, France, and Russia.

The succession to the crownThe Courts of Great Britain, Bavaria, France, and Russia, recognising the utility of better defining the sense, and of rendering complete the terms of Article VIII of the Convention signed between the said Courts at London on the 7th of May, 1832, have agreed together upon what follows:—

Single Art. The succession to the regal Crown and dignity in Greece, in the branch of Prince Otho of Bavaria, King of Greece, as in the branches of his younger brothers the Princes Luitpold and Adalbert of Bavaria, who have been contingently substituted for the branch of the said Prince Otho of Bavaria, by Article VIII of the Convention of London, of the 7th of May, 1832, will take place from male to male, in order of primogeniture.

Females shall not be able to succeed to the Greek Crown, except in the event of the total extinction of legitimate male heirs in all the three branches of the House of Bavaria pointed out above: and it is understood that, in such case, the regal Crown and dignity in Greece shall pass to the Princess, or to the legitimate descendants of the Princess, who, in the order of succession, shall be the nearest to the last King of Greece.

If the Greek Crown should happen to pass to the head of a female, her legitimate male descendants shall obtain, in their turn, precedence of the female, and shall ascend the throne of Greece in order of primogeniture. In any case, the Greek Crown cannot be united on the same head with the Crown of a foreign country[2].

The present explanatory and supplementary Article shall
  1. agreed upon by Prot. 52 of the Conference (supra p. 19); and a rum of 11,220,598 fr. was accordingly paid to the Porte in 1834, out of the proceeds of the first and second instalments of the guaranteed loan.

  2. Prot. 57, Annexe B.
  3. Cf. the Treaty of 13th July, 1863 (Texts, No. V), Art. 6.