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of certain Witches.

to dye, and then I ſayde in the name of Jeſus lay down thy knyfe, and he ſayde he wolde not departe from his ſweete dames knyfe as yet, and then I aſked of hym who was his dame, and then he nodded and wagged his head to your houſe mother Waterhouſe, then the queenes attourneye aſked if ſhe ſayde Agnes Waterhouſe what ſhe ſaide to it, then ſhe demanded what maner knife that it was, and Agnes Browne ſaid it was a daggar knife, there thou lieſt ſaide Agnes Waterhouſe, why, quod the quenes atturney, mary my lord (quod ſhe) ſhe ſaith it is a daggar knife and I haue none ſuch in my houſe, but a greate knyfe, and therein ſhe lieth, yea yea, my lord quoth Jone Waterhouſe ſhe lieth in that ſhe ſaith it hadde a face like an ape, for this that came to mee was like a dogge, well ſayde the quenes attourney, well, can you make it come before us nowe,