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The Political Conspiracies Preceding the Rebellion,

and the True Stories of Sumter and Pickens. By Thomas M. Anderson, Lieut.-Col., U. S. A. Octavo, cloth, 75 cts.

"It is the history of the plots and machinations that preceded the great struggle which give to this volume its special value."—Boston Transcript.

Military Life in Italy.

Translated by W. W. Cady, from the Italian of Edmondo de Amicis. Octavo, with eight full-page illustrations $2.00

Contents.—A Midsummer March—The Orderly—The Oflficer of the Guard—The Wounded Sentinel—The Mother—The Son of the Regiment— The Conscript—A Bunch of Flowers—A Nocturnal March—Carmela—That Day—The Sentinel—The Camp—The Disabled Soldier—A Medal—An Original Orderly—At Twenty—Departure and Return—Reminiscences of the Campaign of 1866—Dead on the Field of Battle—The Cholera Season.

A History of the Thirty Years' War.

By Anton Gindely, Professor of German History in the University of Prague. Translated by A. Ten Brook. With twenty-eight illustrations and two maps. Two volumes octavo$4.00

"It is singular that the literature of history should have been obliged to wait two hundred years and more for a satisfactory account of that strange compound of political, religious, and military events known as the Thirty Years' War. And yet the explanation is not far to seek.,. Until within the present century the secrets of the war were locked up in the archives of the states and the muniment rooms of the old German nobility. It is only very recently, therefore, that any thing like a genuine history has been possible. . . and such a work has now been given to us by Prof. Gindely."—N, Y. Nation.

The Life and Campaigns of Frederick the Great.

By Col. C. B. Brackenbury, of the British Army. 16mo, $1.00

"It is written in a very interesting style, and shows good judgment in the selection of materials, and a clear conception of the relation of Frederick to general history."—Nation.

Reminiscences of the "Filibuster" War in Nicaragua.

By Col. C. W. Doubelday. Octavo, cloth$1.25

"The story of his wild and stirring adventures in those petty but bloody struggles is told with singular simplicity aud modesty. . . . Mr. Doubleday has written a book of rare and curious interest, and he presents his views on the canal question with a cogency that invites attentive consideration."—Chicago Times.

G. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, Publishers, New York and London