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I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully your obedient servant,

[Signed,]F. A. Roe,

Commander U. S. N., Commanding U. S. Naval Forces, Mexico.

Commander Andre Satelo,

Commanding Imperial Corvette "Tabasco," off Sacrificios Island.

The fact that the "Tacony's" battery was in an evident state of preparation when the launch left, probably accounted for no attempt being made to stop her, and there seemed to be no reason to fear any trouble from the "Tabasco" after that. The trips were made as usual, and the supply of provisions was kept up; and furthermore, at nearly every trip the launch brought off a number of Americans, mostly Southerners, who were trying to get home, and could find no way out of the country excepting with the "Tacony's" aid.

Only on one occasion did the Mexican gun-boat make any overt act. Captain Aynesley had become very anxious to send his boat in also, to bring off English refugees as well as to get some fresh provisions, and at his request Roe had sent to ask permission of General Benavides for him to do so. The request was granted, with the stipulation that an American officer should accompany each boat. So one day the "Jason's" twelve-oared cutter went to the usual meeting-place in charge of Lieutenant Moore, R.N., and Acting-Master McGowan, who was familiar with the ground, accompanied him, in