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Commodore Winslow that he hoped soon to announce the final settlement of the affairs of the Empire, and the re-establishment of the Republic, not only in Vera Cruz, but in all Mexico. As regarded Vera Cruz, there was immediate tangible reason for the hope, for he and Mr. Saulnier and the British consul had been hammering away at Señor Bureau to make him realize the situation. On the 29th of April the Imperial Governor signified to them verbally his desire to accept the mediation of England and the United States, and to meet on board the "Jason" or the "Tacony" with the Liberal general to arrange the preliminaries for a surrender of the city and fortifications. It was then agreed that the meeting should take place on board the "Tacony," and her commander was requested to exert his influence (known to be so great) as mediator with Benavides. This was gratifying and delightful in every way, and the, proper overtures were made. But then Bureau hesitated, put them off, and in a moment of ill-humor refused to do what he had himself asked. His better sense soon returned, however, and he repeated the offer. So, on May 3d, Roe went on shore to Camp Casa Mata to propose the meeting again, and to ascertain what would be the general basis of terms granted. General Benavides expressed himself as willing to hold the conference at any time. The consuls then addressed them-