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To wind up Santa Ana's history in a few words, he was tried for the fourth time for treason and sentenced to be hanged; but the extreme penalty was commuted by President Juarez to banishment for eight years. Taking advantage of the general amnesty in 1871 he returned to Mexico, and passed the remaining five years of his life in obscurity and neglect.

On leaving her consort on the 8th of June, the "Tacony" shaped the course for Pensacola. She had lingered on in Mexican waters longer than was convenient or prudent. Her hold contained now but few provisions for the crew. Amid all the anxieties and distractions connected with the situation and the progress of events, her commander had been counting the weeks, then the days, finally the hours which remained to him. The possibility of a mishap to the machinery, or of delay caused by a northerly gale, or by the many accidents liable to happen on the sea, rendered it imperative to allow some slight margin of time for the passage across the gulf. On the other hand, what momentous events might not supervene during his absence and nullify all his endeavors. With the deepest regret had he seen at last that further delay was inadmissible. The old double-ender started northward under full steam, and arrived before daybreak of the 13th, with two days' bread on board.

One can imagine the vexation felt on board on