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The more so, as his conscience fain acquits him
Of guilt incurred for purposes of State.
But, Lady Bradburn, are you ready now
Your secret to reveal?


[Who all this time has been lying as in a swoon.]
[Faintly.] I will, I will!

Santa Anna.

That is a word as pleases me to hear,
And proves that Reason, from her seat dethroned
By momentary self-forgetfulness
In visionary illusions, has resumed
Her wonted place and wields again her power;
To tell the truth, it is what I expected
When I came hither, for I know too well
The practical and innate common-sense
Of all that hail from the United States.

[He bows to lift Elsie up. She, in the act of rising, with a quick move, draws the sword-blade from Santa Anna's scabbard, and raises it on high, while Santa Anna, covering his eyes with his hands, reels back in utter dismay.]


[With the utmost contempt.] Thou knowest, tyrant.?
[Triumphantly.] No, thou knowest not!