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His life, his all, ere he agrees to part
With one iota of his ' Bill of Rights!'

A Colonist.

'Tis, Squire, as thou hast said. When we behold
Our dearest prize, our liberty, assailed,
We'll know full well, how to defend, to guard it.


Aye, aye, we shall.


Dear friends! forgive if I

Could doubt your courage even for a moment;
My bosom throbs in harmony to yours.
And long ago I nursed the self-same thoughts,
Though 1 forbade my lips to utter them
From delicate regard for you who have
Wives, children, homesteads, all of whom you risk.


Begone then, cheerless scruples, timid faith!
Where so inspired brave hearts thy cause embrace,
Where so resolved stout arms contest for thee,
Thou need not tremble, holy Liberty!
The ocean's wrath may beat against these shores,
The tempest's fury rave against our doors,
The tyrant's myrmidons o'erflow this land—
Yet ever firm and safe thy fane will stand.