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Our part is done, our tools are laid aside,
And standing by we gaze with conscious pride
At what our will, our strength, our energy
Have called from nought to life and certainty;
And though the building is imperfect still,
Though other hands our labor must fulfill—
Our arms have laid its firm foundation-walls,
Our vict'ries have adorned its spacious halls,
Our blood has given its sides their radiant hue,
Our death yet will cement it through and through.
When then in future years some passer-by
Shall view our structure with admiring eye,
His wonderment will be a silent praise
To all that shared to mould its beauty's grace.
While year to year, as they succeed, hand down
Its builders' name in glory and renown.
And those who live beneath its roof will bless
Its workmen's handicraft and faithfulness.
Such is the fame that will on us reflect,
The servants of the Heavenly Architect,
Who also chose this hand and heart of mine
For overseér at his grand design.
Hence it becomes to me,—ere we disband,
To go to higher work in higher land,
There to perfect our workmanship and art,—
To thank you, comrades, from my inmost heart
For your support and stout fidelity,
Your ready zeal and confidence in me.