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Would blend our lives, as now our hearts are blended.
Hence I will go and try once more to move him
By fervid prayer to which I mean to add
My strongest argument, my treasured secret,
The sweet confession of my love for thee.
Hence pray, that He, who melts the earth in fire
May touch my father's bosom and inspire
My speech to break the rigor of his heart.
Beloved, fare thee well! I must depart.

[Travis accompanies Elsie to the door in the rear, through which she leaves the prison. This done., he himself enters the chamber at the side.]

Scene V.

Col. Bradburns room in the Fort of Anahuac. Col. Bradburn stands near a table in the centre of the room, holding a letter in his hand.

"One hundred thousand dollars in the bank
Of Vera Cruz inscribed to thy account!"
My agent writes—At last I have attained
My life-work's goal and crown; the longed-for day
Whose coming joy through all these weary years
Has warmed my life, that day has now arrived.
Why then so gloomy and cast down, my heart?
Alas! the wealth I wrung from unkind Fortune
By dint of patience and devoted service,