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Dark as that subterranean corridor,
So lie our lives our anxious gaze before,
Illuminated only by the glimmering light
Of our unwavering love. But as the night
Which wrapt my transit through that secret way
Was changed to unexpected, welcome day,
So, too, for us shall dawn the glorious hour.
When God, the Lord, through His mysterious power,
Shall re-unite us, nevermore to part!
Let this assurance alway cheer thy heart!


[With great enthusiasm.]

Speaks God through thee? hast thou become His angel.
Such as of old proclaimed His truth to men?
It is,—it must be so, as thou hast said:
For I behold it in the radiant beams,
Shed o'er and round thee with transfiguring glow;
I hear it in thy deep-inspired tone,
That strikes my ear with heavenly melody;
And self I feel it in the fervid ardor
Which has replaced my bosom's icy chill:
Such is not earthly joy; it is the splendor
Of Heaven above, and God alone its sender.


[As above.]

Yes, trust in Him! pursue thy manly way,
Deliver Texas from the tyrant's sway,