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Scene III.

The voice of a man, coming through the woods, is over-heard singing the following song.[1]


Born in the wilds of Tennessee,
With Indians round about,
This child was reared and grew to be
A daring hunter-scout.
I fought the brinded catamount,
And dragged the panther from his haunt,
And grappled with the lynx and bear,
And scaled the eagle's cliff-built lair;
And so it came, that with my name
Was blent a daring Hunter's fame.


And when about the neighborhood
The Creeks spread death and fear,
I shouldered for my country's good
My gun as volunteer.
I served Old Jackson as a guide,
Fought many battles at his side,
And often saved by timely aid
My comrades from an ambuscade;
And so it came, that with my name
Was blent a gallant Soldiers fame.

  1. For the tune of this song, see page 242.