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Distribution. The extreme South of Tenasserim and through- out the Malay Peninsula.

Nidification and Habits as in the other subspecies. Eggs sent me by Mr. W, A. T. Kellow measure about 17-1 x 12-7 mm. The name Motacillagidaris Eaffles, Trans. L.S., xiii, p. 312, 1820, which is the oldest name for this species, cannot be used as it is preoccupied by Motacilla gidnris GrMielin (1788). Genus ALCIPPE BIyth, 1844. In this genus the bill is stout and slightly curved and is over- hung by long hairs; the nostril is protected by a membrane; the wing is short and rounded, the Urst four primaries being graduated; the tail is about equal in length to the wing, the feathers beino- slightly graduated. The genus contains but two species within our limits but these form numerous well-marked geographical races. The two species are very similar in colour but in habits differ considerably. Keij to Species and Subspecies. A. Bill small; a coiifipicuous ring of white feathers round the eye. a. Chill and throat white, flanks tinged [p. 275. olivaceous A. nepalensis nepalensis, b. Chin and throat ochraceous like abdo- men A. n. fratercula, p. 277. B. Bill large; no ring of white feathers ^ round eye. c. Head not striped or only ob>o etely so. {cephala, p. 277. a'. Lower back and rump tinged rufous. A. poioicephaki j7oioi- b' . Lower back and rump grey like back. a". Under parts tinged rufous A. p. phayrci, p. 278. "b. No rufous on under parts. «"'. Grey of bead well defined from back A. p. davisuni, p. 279, b'". Grey of head blending into colour of back A. p. brncei, p. 278. (/. Head and neck conspiculously striped. c'. Stripes sooty-brown A. p. niaf//iirosfris, p. 280. d'. Stripes deep black A. p. haringtonicE, p. 280.

(286) Alcippe nepalensis nepalensis

The Nepal Babbler.

Siva ve2JaIe7isis Hodgs., Ind. Kev., 1838, p. 89 (Nepal).
Alcippe nepalensis. Blanf. & Oates, i, p. 157.

Vernacular names. Duo-pere-l-ashiha (Cachari).

Description. A conspicuous ring ot white feathers round the eye; head, neck and upper back ashy-brown with a vinaceous tinge; a dark sooty-bi^own stripe on either side of the crown ex-t2