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Little mistress, Kitty, Kate, Proudly Kitty clothed herself. Proud and stately is her gait, Oh ! what stockings of Saratof 1 Oh ! the shoes so high of heel, Six the stripes upon her shirt, Flounces ten on her kaftan, Shirt adorned with rose of dawn."

A shirt ornamented with six stripes is the proudest dress of Mordvia girls. They are sewn in patterns with different coloured worsteds, especially red, green, and blue, upon a white linen shirt on three sides from the shoulder to the skirts. The collars an(f skirts are similarly adorned. A mark of the highest degree of pride is to have a girdle of twelve pieces of linen. They usually sew on their girdles a number of worsted fringes, or the shells called " snakes heads," or silver coins. If a Mordvin girl is in her smartest dress she arranges twelve pieces of fine linen, a good half ell in width, to hang behind her below the the girdle, so that the lower piece overlaps the one above, and the lowest of all reaches to the knee. These flounces (i-utsyai) are also ornamented with worsted, or by the rich with gold thread and thread fringes. The second song of thanks is as follows :

  • ' Tevtyars ionos Tatyanas.

Mesdya ])aro son ? Palininsa mdsinit, OsTianyansa, Ttuvahaty Selymi nansa raushat.'"

" A lovely girl is Tatyana. But wherefore is she beautiful ? Most lovely are her linen clothes. Her shirtsleeves are voluminous. Her eyes are of the blackest hue."

The third runs as follows :

" Ryasapan Sdfas Shechk lasan pesha Sqfan rongonats, llyanas liotf krinJis Pilgen hartsifatSy Vai leshmie levhen Pilgen shechafkes.'