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After this invitation to the gods the master of the house bids those present to prepare for dinner. The mistress hands him the pig's head on a dish, Tvhich he takes outside the room, accompanied by the children. The youngest child leads the way, carrying the bath- switch that was placed in the front corner. First he carries the head to the Tcardo syarho^ then to the horse-stalls, the cow-house, the hen-house, the cellar, the bath-house, the drying-barn, and the well, repeating at each place a prayer to Ange Patyai, NishTci Pas, and to the divinity of each place — to Rev Pas at the sheep-pen, to Lishmen ozais at the stall, &c. After this they return to the room where all the eatables are already laid on a table spread with a clean linen cloth. Two of the millet-groat pies are placed side by side, and the third on the top. The upper one is consecrated to Ange Patyai, the lower ones to Nishhi Pas, and to her other sons and daughters. A tub of pure is set on the floor near the table. The master of the house places the pig's head in the centre of the table, and the bath-switch in the front corner of the room. Then all fall on their knees, and he prays as follows. " 0, Cham Pas, have mercy upon us. Ange Patyai Pas, dear mother, most holy mother of God, pray for us. O, Nislihi Pas, 0, Iniche Pas, help and defend us. We salute you with bread, salt, and a full table. Look ! for thee, Ange Patyai, is a pig's head, Tcyolyange- men, bread, salt, a bucket of pure, and coloured eggs. Look ! for thee, 0, NishTci Pas (the food is again recounted). Look ! for ye gods (their names are given and the food is specified). In propor- tion to the bread and salt on the table, in that proportion give us wealth. Give us as much wealth as there are grains in the pies. Protect us from evil men, and from the unclean Power ; protect also the sheep and pigs from wolves. Give, O Ange Patyai, to our crops that are sown in the ground white lightning and warm dew. 0, Svyet Nishhi Pas, shine hot upon our crops. 0, Ange Patyai, make the straw grow thick with great ears, with grain yellow as the eggs of a hen. Give us cattle of the colour Yurta ozais likes. Give us plenty of hardy horses, sound and strong as bears. Give us cows, pigs, fowls, geese, ducks ; all sorts of cattle, and all sorts of birds. For old benefits we prostrate ourselves ; give fresh ones."