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Minute of Council, 12 January, 1887. " That Mr. Gomme be requested to print his MS. of the proposed Hand-book of Folk-Lore, and that proofs of the several sections be sent to the Members of the Council for correction, addition, or revision."

The following are the sections into which it is proposed to divide the Hand-book. A note is appended after each section indicating the progress made with the work, and the names of Members who are assisting with the various sections : —

1. What Folk-Lore is [printed].

2. Superstitions connected with great Natural Objects [printed].

3. Superstitions connected with Trees and Plants [revise].

4. Superstitions connected with Animals, [proof].

5. Goblindom. [Mr. Gomme.]

6. Witchcraft. [Rev. Dr. Morris and Mr. Clodd.]

7. Leechcraft. [Mr. Black.]

8. Magic and Divination. [Mr. Abercromby.]

9. Beliefs relating to future life. [Mr. Clodd.]

10. Minor Superstitions. [Mr. Gomme.]

11. Festival Customs. [Mr. Gomme.]

12. Ceremonial Customs. [Mr. Gomme.]

13. Games. [Mr. Udal.] - '

14. Local Customs. [Mr. Brabrook.]

15. Nursery Tales or Marchen, [Mr. Hartland.]

16. Hero Tales. [Mr. Hartland-]

17. Creation, Deluge, Fire, and Doom Myths. [Mr. Hartland.]

18. Drolls, Fables, and Apologues. [Mr. Hartland.]

19. Place Legends and Traditions. [Mr. Gomme.]

20. Ballads and Songs. [Mr. Ordish.]

21. Jingles, Nursery Rhymes, Riddles, &c. [Mr. Udal.]

22. Proverbs. [Mr. Gomme.]

23. Nicknames, Place Rhymes, &c. [Mr. Gomme.]

24. Literary Sources of Folk-Lore. [Mr. Kirby.]

25. How Folk-Lore is to be collected. [Miss Burne.]

26. Library work for the Folk-Lorist. [Mr. Kirby.]

27. Classification of Folk-Lore.

28. Comparative Folk-Lore.

29. The Science of Folk-Lore.