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Instructions for filling up the form for Tabulation of Tales.

Each tale is to be tabulated upon the forms supplied and upon the same plan as the specimen here printed, and it is particularly requested (1) that the writing may be as plain as possible ; (2) that only one tale be abstracted on each form ; (3) that every tale from the collection being tabulated is required however often it may occur under different names.

1. Title of Story \si the name of the story as given in the collection being


2. Dramatis per8on(S to contain the names of all persons, human or not, men-

tioned in the story; if no specific names occur in the story the characters, such as King, Queen, &c., to be given.

3. A bstract of Story to contain a summary of the events which carry on the

plot of the story, each stage in the progress of the story being denoted by a number.

4. Alphabetical List of Incidents to give under an appropriate descriptive

title the incidents which occur throughout the story, each incident being set out on a separate line, and arranged alphabetically under the catch- word.

5. Where pullisTied to consist of the title of the book or collection, author's name,

date, and place of publication, number of story in the collection, pagination.

6. Nature of Collection to state whether original or translation, whether collected

by author from peasantry or others, the name, occupation, and place of abode of the original narrator, and other useful information of this description.

7. Special Points noted by Editor of the above. Anything noted in the preface

or footnotes by the Editor of the collection.

8. Remarhs by the Tabulator to contain references to any variants and notes

known to the tabulator apart from those given by the editor, and any suggestions which occur to the tabulator.