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Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Beard, old man's, struck into anvil by hero (13),

Bed carries occupant all over castle, finally capsizes (8).

Cards, game at, proposed by black cats (7).

Cats, black, hero's midnight encounter with and victory over (7).

Church-tower, hero sent to ring bell in, at midnight (2).

Corpse, re-animation of (12).

Corpses, seven, hero takes down from gallows, afterwards replaces (4)

Cutting-board, black cat's feet screwed to (7).

Dogs, black, hero's midnight encounter with (7).

Fear, hero desirous to learn sensation of (1).

Feats of strength, hero excels in (13).

Fortune, hero to seek his own (3).

Gallows, hero spends night under (4).

Ghost, sexton impersonates, hurled downstairs by hero (2).

Half-man comes down chimney, presently unites with other half (10").

Haunted castle, task to spend three nights in, for reward (5).

Knife used to kill and exterminate cats (7).

Lifeless objects, hero permitted to take, to haunted castle (6).

Marriage of king's daughter to deliverer of castle (5, 15).

Midnight vanishings (11, 14).

Nine-pins played with dead men's legs and two skulls (11).

Parentage or country, injunction not to reveal (3).

Shuddering produced by emptying bucketful of gudgeons over hero (16).

Treasure, secret, guarded by spirits (5, 14).

Where published. — Grimm's. Household Tales. London, 1884. Tale No. 4, vol. i., pp. 11-20

Nature of Collection, vvhether: —

1. Original or translation. — Translation by Margaret Hunt.

2. If hy word of mouth, state narrator's name*

3. Other 2)artic^dars.

Special points noted by the Editor of the above.^Sce Author's Notes

i., p. 342.

Remarks by the Tabulator.— I^^oi" variants of the above, cf . " Jack Dread- nought," Magyar Tales, Kvopf and Jones, p. 228. *' Zovanin SenzaPaura" (or the Boy who went out to discover what Fear mfeant), in Ilonsekold Stories from the Land of Hofer, p. 335. Afauasiefv. 46. "The Girl and the Dead Man," Campbell i. 217. The Tale of the Soldier," Ihid. ii., 276, and note, p. 285. See also i. xlvii. and iv. pp. 435, 443. For inc. 14 (secret treasure guarded by spirits), cf. Hofberg, Scensha Folhsdgner " Skatten i Sabybiicken " and " Skattgriifvarna." Also Hardwick, Tra- ditions, Superstitions, and Folklore, pp. 41, 46, 195, 252.

(Signed) Marian lloALfE CoS;

O 2