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friend Mr. Andrew Lang. No one has done more to make Folk-Lore serious, and no one has done more to make it scientific than has Mr. Lang. He has removed it from a mere provincial base and made it cosmopolitan, bringing felicity of illustration and learning from all fields to bear upon it, and to show that it interprets what is really the thought of man concerning his surroundings. I am personally most gratified that Mr. Lang has signified his willingness to accept this chair, and I am sure that we, as Members, shall be stimulated by his example, and rally round him, and give him all the active support we can, working on the lines 'indicated by him. Now, if you will give the Director as much of your time as you can, and give me, as Treasurer, as much of your money as you can, we will take care that both shall be well and efficiently spent. It is my duty now to pro- pose that the gentlemen named in the following list be the new Council for the ensuing year: —

Hon. John Abekcromby.

The Earl Beauchamp, F.S.A.

Edward Brabrook, F.S.A.

LOYS Brueyre.

Miss C. S. Burne.

Edward Clodd.

J. G. Frazer, M.A.


S. Hartland, F.S.A.

A. Granger Hutt, F.S.A.

W. F. KiRBY.

Sir John Lubbock, Bt., F.R.S. Rev. Dr. Richard Morris. Alfred Nutt. T. F. Ordish. Lt.-Gen.Pitt-Rivers,D.C.L.,F.R.S.,

F.S.A., ETC.

Professor A. H. Sayce, M.A. Captain R. C. Temple. J. S. Udal. Henry B. Whbatley, F.S.A.

Mr. Hamilton seconded the motion, which was carried nem. con.

Upon the conclusion of the Address, Mr. Gomme said, that before we leave it would be a proper and appropriate thing to do to pass a very hearty vote of thanks to our new President for his admirable Address, and to ask him to correct and allow to be printed the report of it, which has been taken down, T am afraid I must confess, without his sanction. I shall not venture to say one word on the subjects which have been put before you except this — that, of course, the Report does not contemplate the stopping of collection, and on page 3 it indicates that the new collections will be simply put into a new