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dividual was determined by all standing in a ring while one within repeated the following nonsense, touching a boy in succession at every word; and so going round and round the circle, when the one on whom the last word fell was “he.”

One-ry, oo-ry, ick-ry, an,
Bipsy, bopsy, Solomon San. 

[Little Sir Jan.]

Queery, quawry,
Virgin Mary,
Nick, tick, tolomon tick,
O. U. T. out,
Rotten, totten, dish-clout,
Out jumps ‘He.’ ”

The following are some further examples which I have obtained from various sources.

Hoky, poky, wangery, fum,
Polevee(?), kee, ky, balum, kum,
Wungery, fungery, wingery, wum,
King of the Cannibal Islands.”

One a zoll, zen a zoll, zig a zoll, zan,
Bobtail vinegar, tittle tol tan,
Harum scarum, Virgin Marum,


Onery, youery, ickery, Ann,
Phillisy, phollissy, Nicholas Jan,
Queeby, quanby, Irish Mary,


Onery, twory, Dickery, Davy,
Harry mo crackery, nickery, navy,
Usque(?) dandum, merry cum time,
Humbledy, bumbledy, twenty-nine.”

Hokey, pokey, winkey, wum,
How d’ye like your tëaties done?
All to pieces, that’s the fun—
Can’t ye now jest gie I wone?”

  1. Conf. a Romany variant of this one quoted in Mr. Bolton’s book (ante).