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wind blew. Old woman gave gazelle snake's sword, when it heard storm blowing. When snake put one head after another inside, the gazelle struck them off until the seventh head was cut off, and gazelle fainted. Old woman threw water over it. She then showed it house and contents, when gazelle bade her keep them till it called its master, who was owner. After staying there three days it returned to Sultan Darai, and told him that in four days he should go home with his wife. Then Sultan Darai, his wife, her ladies, and their slaves, set out till they reached the house, when gazelle went in with Sultan Darai, who was welcomed by old woman ; and he bade that the horses be untied, the bound people loosed, and all work resumed for the mistress, and after a time the waiting- women went home. — (15) Gazelle complained to old woman that his master, for whom it had done so much, never asked how it had got the house. — (16) Next morning, gazelle feeling ill on waking, bade old woman tell its master. — (17) When Sultan Darai heard this, he only told her to mix grual for it, when his wife reproved his ingratitude. Old woman returned weeping to gazelle; at first was reluctant to give answer; told what had passed, when he bade her return to the master and say that it had not drunk gruel. Then Sultan Darai was angry, and bade her pay no heed to the gazelle, which old woman returniug to, found bleeding, and took it on her lap. Full of sadness, it told the old woman to see Sultan Darai and say it was nearer death than life, but he sent harsh answers eleven times, bidding- it die. Woman returned to gazelle sad, and kissed it. — (18) Sultan's wife secretly took milk and rice, gare it to a woman-servant to cook for gazelle, and sent her with it and a cover and pillow, with offers to have it carried to her father's to be cared for. — (19) Gazelle died, and all the people wept. Sultan Darai said, " You are weeping for gazelle, whose price was but an eighth, as if I had died myself." His wife recounted the gazelle's services. — (20) Gazelle was thrown into well. Sultan Darai's wife hearing this, sent letters secretly to her father, who wept at the news, and set out in haste, with retinue. — (21) Eeaching the well, they all went into it and car- ried away gazelle's body, and buried it with great mourning. — (22) Then Sultan Darai's wife dreamed she was at her father's; on awaking found it so. — (23) Sultan Darai dreamed he was on dustheap scratching; on awaking found it so. She lived the rest of her dayS in peace, and he had to work as before.

Alphabetical List of Incidents.

Carpenter losing wife, marries again (1).

Darai, Sultan, returns to former position (23).

Daughter, Sultan's, marries Hamdani, alias Sultan Darai (13).

Daughter, Sultan's, kind to gazelle (18).

Daughter, Sultan's, returns to former position (22).

Father going to punish daughter learns step- mother's cruelty (4\

Father purchases slave as companion to. his daughter (5).

Gazelle's body thrown into well (20).